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Roger's style is relaxed and informal because Roger has over 20 years of professional experience behind him. "I was a full time professional photographer in the RAF and the continuous training I received was second to non which kept me abreast with new technology and techniques". Tasks varied from portraiture, technical, medical, crash, corporate communications (press), police and aerial photography, although he is the first to admit he was a terrible aerial photographer. "I loved being thrown around in a helicopter, but a back seat trip in a Tornado flying at 700 miles an hour through the glens wasn't my cup of tea thankyou!

It was whilst serving in Germany that Roger was asked to photograph a friends wedding. "I panicked a little but then calmed down when I realised that I had photographed large (300+) groups for years and had some fantastic portraits behind me. So I dove straight in with the Hasselblad and never looked back. Word quickly got around the bases, so any spare time I had was well spent". Roger continued to learn about wedding photography during any leave. "I decided that I would like to start my own business after the RAF. I attended courses and seminars with Len Bateman in West Wales, Annabel Williams in Cumbria and Bambi Cantrell of California to name a few. I appreciate the value of continuous learning. It keeps me sharp and on the edge".

Roger is 37, married to Heather, and a proud Dad of twin girls Jorja & Kathryn.

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